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Call us now at 401-359-6433, and lets start working toward a maintence free future with our Vinyl Fence.

Quality You Can Count On

All of our vinyl fences are commercial grade, heavy duty, top of the line, 100% virgin materials backed by a non-prorated factory backed lifetime warranty, manufactured by illusions, One of the largest Vinyl manufactures in the United States.

There is a difference!

It is true that vinyl fencing is available through your local discount home improvement store. However, if you look closely, you'll find that although it is vinyl fence, their products are considerably inferior in all categories to the products that we offer.

If you plan on keeping your home and would like to have maintenance free fencing, then the only choice would be to make sure it's a quality product from the start. Here are a few pointers on how to tell a quality product and a few questions to ask before you buy at the home improvement stores

Manufacture's Warranty:

The first place to look for quality is in the manufacturer's warranty. If the manufacturer doesn't back their product up with a non-pro-rated Lifetime Warranty (the lifetime of the purchaser) then you have reason for concern

U.V. Protection:

How the fencing is protected from ultra violet light is an important consideration. Our fences use Titanium Dioxide at ten parts per hundred (10%) which creates a sunblock equivalent to #38 as a sunscreen. This ensures that your fence will be able to stand up to the damaging rays of the sun throughout your lifetime and the manufacturer guarantees it. If there is not sufficient protection you can expect that your fence will yellow, become brittle and begin to break down over time. This is what most home owners are trying to avoid so it's important to be sure that the right amount of U.V. protection is used and that the manufacturer will stand behind this claim.

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